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Cotton Stuffed Nightmares is a single player Horror game where the player must survive through the night, catering to the needs of a number of different stuffed animals, otherwise they will find themselves being hunted down by the very animals they failed to cater to.

Special thanks to the development team for working with me through this

Producer - Cappy (me!)

Programmers - Callum Bradshaw, Edward Ngo

Artists - Jessica Frederickson, Mukaddes Yilmaz, David Condello

Designers - Cappy, Phillip Traianon-Howatt

The game itself is still rather buggy, but we are honestly quite happy with the result of our student project!

Install instructions

Unzip the Game using your favorite program, and then open the buildable!


CottonStuffedNightmares.7z 150 MB


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Played this game for my first episode of 5 SCARY GAMES. It was a fun experience and the crocodile toy was really creepy! Will do a separate video on this soon!

Thank you very much for playing! sadly, the game is still a bit buggy, it was a student project that I had worked on with a team of other students, I will definitely be looking into possibly fixing the bugs if possible!

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Incredible game...I completed this game without any weapon...Just found a Bug may be to complete this game in first try I promise.  Watch my Video for that Bug :))

Hey there @Gamers Nation! It was intentional for the game to be completed without the use of any items, Its just much easier to do so with the items to prevent them from turning, as they turn and hunt you down you will find that its much more difficult to safely hide away and wander about the household, which creates the sense of challenge as you play the game!

Thanks for playing!

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Sorry Bro, I wasn't aware of items.I though i just need to run and hide to complete this game xD BY the way rated your game 5/5 :)) 

Thanks a bunch!


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Thanks for playing, I hope you really enjoyed it. The team and I had a lot of fun making it!